What is the weight and dimensions?
38*25*6.5cm / 14.96*9.84*2.55 in 

3.53 lb / 1.6 kg
What is the max distance the clamp can open?
The maximum width is 2.7 inches
What material do you use?
Premium bamboo which makes the shelf sustainable and lightweight making it easy to transport and user-friendly for all ages
How difficult is to assemble and install?
It's super easy to install. It comes preassembled and installs through knobs. Takes a quick 5 minute at the most to attach. Simply clasp the open bottom of the plank to your desired place of the bed and turn the knobs to tighten in place.
What color do you offer?
We currently offer a natural wood, brown and black color to best match your bedroom set or wooden bunk frame
Do you offer any guarantee?
Our products are backed by a money-back guarantee that if you're not 100% satisfied with our shelf. Simply contact us!
How can I care my shelf?
Just use a simple dust cloth
Wood polish is not recommended

Stylish modern design
Original and exclusive minimalist design to bring lasting joy
Beautiful crafted
Rounded edges and simple details give its finish a unique modern feel
Premium Material
We strive to ensure that our products satisfy your needs that’s why we use only the best materials
Easy to install
Adjustable and strongest clamp system fits any bed frames, lofts beds
The hold is firm and sturdy, handy shelf that a child can easily use it in bed for a game or more convenient access
Perfect for Bedrooms with Limited Space. Great space saver


Balethi is an independent California - based company, committed on making stylish modern products accessible and affordable, inspired by playful utility and thoughtful purpose.

We strive to ensure that our products satisfy your needs that’s why we use only the best materials, work with only the best craftsmen and provide the best service.

We challenge ourselves to continually improve, innovate, and create products that is functional for every day use and durable to bring lasting joy.
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